Yoghurt-Bitter Gourd Vegetable

non-veg Gluten Free | Grain Free | Sugar Free | Low GI  | Low Carb 

Servings: 1 (Yield: I Bowl)

Bitter Gourd 3-4 <10 Negligible
Hung Curd ½ Cup <15 Very Low
Pumpkin Seeds 1 Tsp <20 Very Low
Coconut Oil ½ Tsp 0 Negligible

Note: All ingredients used should be organic, free from pesticides and Non-GMO.

1. Scrape of the rough surface of bitter gourd, chop into rounds, rub all over with salt and keep aside for 30 minutes.

2. Mix curd, turmeric, ginger powder, chilli powder, roasted cumin seeds, asafoetida, fennel seeds and fenugreek seeds.

3. Squeeze the bitter gourd to remove the bitter juice.

4. In a pan, heat oil and add the spice mix.

5. Add bitter gourd and mix well.

6. Reduce the heat and cook till tender, stirring a few times until golden brown.

7. Add cilantro and roasted pumpkin seeds on top to enjoy with a healthy accompaniment.

Nutritional Chart (Nutrients/Serving)

Energy (Kcal) Protein (Grams) Carbohydrates (Grams) Fats (Grams)
121 3.5 5.5 41

Nutritional Comments: All of us know bitter gourd is one of the most-healthy vegetables which is least used in our kitchens. This recipe is my personal favourite as it combines the goodness of bitter gourd and pure animal protein from curds to increase you satiety, reducing the bitterness and making it perfect to have for lunch or dinner with your rice or chapatti. The benefits of bitter gourd are countless, starting from cure for ulcers in your mouth to good gut health, complete digestion, blood purification to being the perfect cure for hangovers. It’s necessary to highlight here that unlike diabetic medicines bitter gourd does not target a particular organ but brings about an overall improvement in glucose absorption and metabolism making it ideal on an empty stomach or post handful of nuts in the morning for everyone not just diabetics. If you be regular with this vegetable, you will soon need no medications.

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