The Outcome of Carbohydrates?

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Sometimes knowing just a teeny bit more about some basic facts helps improve the quality of our lifestyle decisions so much more. Keeping that in mind, let’s dig into what’s the fuss about when it comes to Carbohydrates.

So carbohydrates (or “carbs” for short) are carbon-based molecules that serve as the primary energy source for our body’s cells. Simple sugars, starches, and fibre are all types of carbohydrates.

How do they work?
They are absorbed into the bloodstream through the walls of the small intestine and turn into Glucose. Depending on the body’s immediate energy needs, glucose has one of the three outcomes:

  • 1. It can (with the help of insulin) enter bodily cells to be used for energy,
  • 2. In a dense form called ‘glycogen’ it enters the muscle or liver cells for storage, or;
  • 3. Gets converted into fats.

Lets visually understand some of our basic know-hows of this macronutrient.

the outcome of carbs 2

The power of knowing and acting upon just this much is commendable and I am sure there are many more of those what, why, when and how questions that pop up in the mind. That, in my opinion is a brilliant start towards making better choices and owing to how tremendously one can make great changes and tackle all that was going wrong.

Whatever your questions may be, I am always here and waiting for them!

So what more do we want to know?

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