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I have a question for you. I am confused with my situation. Seven years ago one doc told me that I might have diabeties but other doctores told me I don’t. My A1C always was 5.5 or 5.7. I never took medication. My fasting is always under 100 but when I eat it can go to 150 after an hour. It depends to what I eat of course. Then it goes down in two hours. Today I ate some potato chips my blood sugar was 138 after 1 hour and after 2 hours was 157 then I check it again after 3 hours was 103.

I was confused by the numbers that why instead of going down it went up and then down. I went to four different doctores and even saw an Endo specialist. Most of them looked at my A1C and told me I’m ok. But I am scared beacuse when I research on line I see horrible stories.

Do you have the same situation? Is this normal? Do you have any suggestion for me?

Thank you

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Hi Sushil,

Yes this happens to me a lot and I have stopped worrying about it.

An A1C reading of 5.5 or 5.5 is good. The reading for an adult should be between 4 and 6.6, so yours look good.

After a lot of research I discovered that the A1C test takes an average over a 3month period. The last time I had my A1C i had been monitoring my levels at rhymes home as follows 5 times a day take readings, add the readings together and divide by 5. Keep the daily averages for a week and again add together and divide by 7 that will give you the weekly reading. I did this for 3 months and when I had my A1C results from my doctor she said it was 6.3 and my readings said 6.5 so I was not far out.

With regard to fluctuation of readings again it is the same for me i.e. yesterday my readings were a bit high but today back to normal. I have also learnt that readings can change in a matter of minutes. I guess its part of being human wink.

In case you are wondering I set up a spreadsheet to record my hundreds of readings.

Finally dont always believe what you read on line there is often bad and misleading info.

If my doctor was to say to me your OK then that is what I would go with.

If you need further information or detail please let me know.

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Hi Preeti,

Tnx for answering me. You said you check your sugar five times aday. But you didn’t say when exactly. I mean fasting, after lunch, two hours, three hours or before bed. And five times isn’t it to much? I don’t have that many strips sad. I also wants to know if I can check blood sugar three times aday instead of five times. Can I get the average in one week if I do the three times? If yes how and will it be accurate?

I want to add this too.

Yesterday fasting was 88

One hour after lunch was 103

For dinner I had small portion of rice with stew after one hour was 134

After two hours was 131

After two and half hour was 98

This morning

Fasting was 97

Are these numbers normal?

Because when I research on line most of the article says that truly normal people blood sugar fasting should be between 70 and 90

1 hour after lunch should be less than 120 and two hours after lunch should be back to the baseline.

While mine can be 134, 139, 140 and sometime depends what on what I eat can be 160 after an hours as well.

So how could my blood sugar be normal because I’m not matching any of those articalssad

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Hi Sushil,

Firstly I do all my readings with mmol/L measurements

I do my tests at 07:00hrs (Or when I first get up) Reading around 7-9mmol/L

13:00hrs (I eat nothing between getting up and this test but drink lots of water) reading about 6-7 mmol/L.

16:00hrs probably have a cheese sandwich or similar on brown bread reading about 6-7mmol/L

20:00hrs (have my main meal about 18:00hrs) reading between 5-8mmol/L.

22:00hrs may have a sandwich on whole meal bread for supper reading between 6-8mmol/L

At bedtime reading usually between 6-8mmol/L

I then average all these readings for the day i.e. add them all up and divide by the number of readings.

I then add all the daily readings together for the week and divide by 7.

As you have said readings will vary as do mine as long as my weekly average is between 6-7mmol/L then I do not worry.

If you go to the diabetes uk website then you will find lots of information. As I said previously you have to take internet information and analyse it closely.

Remember the A1C test is an average over three months so your readings will indeed go up and down.

Hope this helps.

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