How do you cope with those extra Carbohydrates?

Updated on December 18, 2016 in Carb Counting
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How do you cope with those extra Carbohydrates?

Often it’s a challenge to be satiated and healthy (as much as you can) when you step out for snacks or an ice cream or a good sumptuous dinner! Cheat meals are now a part and parcel of all our healthy diets and so are our random and frequent cravings. So how do you dodge those extra carbohydrates and still have a happy tummy? Lets cheat in its real sense; maybe a few swaps here and there could actually be our saving grace.

There are a few personal tricks that can help turn the Cookie Monster in you into a Food Ninja Turtle, battling those evil food overloads!

Well this is my list of a few carbohydrate hacks what are yours?

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