Sweet & Sour Radish Soup

non-veg diabetes Gluten Free | Low GI Low Carb  | Grain Free  | Naturally Sweetened 

Serves: 2

sweet and sour radish soup




Radish ½ Cup, cubed <20 Very Low
Cucumber ½ Cup, cubed <20 Very Low
Curds ½ Cup 0 Nil
Water ½ Cup 0 Nil
Cumin Seeds ½ Tsp. <20 Very Low
Mint Leaves 4-5, chopped <10 Negligible
Coriander Leaves ½ a fist full, chopped <10 Negligible
Pepper Powder ½ Tsp. 0 Nil
Sweet Sesame Vinaigrette 1½ Tbsp. or as per taste <35 Low
Salt As per taste 0 Nil

Note: All ingredients used should be organic, free from pesticides and Non-GMO.

  1. Clean and dice the radish and cucumber.
  2. In a food blender add all the ingredients other than the vinaigrette and blend until thoroughly mixed and smooth in consistency.
  3. Now top up the soup with Sweet Sesame Vinaigrette and blend it again. Add more of the vinaigrette for more flavors if desired.
  4. Let it chill in the fridge till cold. Serve and enjoy!
  5. Garnish with slices of cucumber or radish and some mint leaves.

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