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Diabetes and Game of Thrones- An Analogy, Maybe!?

 I have always been a Game Of Thrones fanatic. Like many others, I enjoy it and have my own set of favorite characters. Those who know nothing (sorry couldn’t help it), Game Of Thrones (GOT) is a series based on a set of books authored by George R.R. Martin. Unlike Harry Potter, this set of […] Read more  

My friend always by my side: Type 1 Diabetes

A to-be 6 year old girl to mother, ‘Mom, whats type 1 diabetes? Why do I have it? People say its a bad, dangerous thing that I have for life time ? I am scared, does it make me weak? Why did God give me problems when I am still small? Is this punishment to […] Read more  


Someone wise once said “Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition.” In the past 500 years our society has been made dependent on superstitions in subjects like caste, food, race, and especially women (making them completely dependent on men, by denying them basic rights – a crime that took centuries […] Read more