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  Gluten Free | Low GI | Low Carb  | Grain free | Low Carb | Naturally Sweetened Serves- 4 INGREDIENT QUANTITY GLYCEMIC INDEX LEVEL Layer One Pomegranate 1 Cup <35 Low Favorite Natural Sweetener 2.5g Stevia Powder + 30g Natural Sweetener <50 Low Water 1 Cup 0 Nil Agar Agar 1 Tbsp. <35 Low Layer Two Fresh Seasonal Fruit Mix 1 Cup for […] Read more  

Diabetes and Game of Thrones- An Analogy, Maybe!?

 I have always been a Game Of Thrones fanatic. Like many others, I enjoy it and have my own set of favorite characters. Those who know nothing (sorry couldn’t help it), Game Of Thrones (GOT) is a series based on a set of books authored by George R.R. Martin. Unlike Harry Potter, this set of […] Read more  

My friend always by my side: Type 1 Diabetes

A to-be 6 year old girl to mother, ‘Mom, whats type 1 diabetes? Why do I have it? People say its a bad, dangerous thing that I have for life time ? I am scared, does it make me weak? Why did God give me problems when I am still small? Is this punishment to […] Read more