RE: When low is too low….

Lows are one of the worse feelings we can get out of what could be an otherwise very normal day. As for the question above for the CGM accuracy, I normally check and verify before treating highs or lows but to be honest, with this low I did not check with a meter until 15 minutes passed from taking the juice and I was at 61. If I had caught this low at the normal alarm of 70 I would have been able to do so without that “hollow” feeling the low leaves behind. For pumpers – I found a big contributor to this event for I did not follow the basic Traveling 101 lessons. My pump was set to Canada time giving me a greater basal rate when I was not taking food and cutting me back when I was. The pump’s clock had been set to Canada time when I left the India but upon returning I forgot (palm of hand slapping forehead), so the pump’s program was running 9.5 hours out of real time.

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