RE: What veggies produce insulin…

Hi I am Andrea a German Typ 1 . I have Diabetes since 30 years. 
I recommend first of all for your son to check for a doctor who is familiar with an insulin pump and CGM . Your son needs first of all proper setting of his blood sugar a pump is in my opinion the best way of treating typ1 and your son has all his life before him.
The Kids blood results go easily up to 800 but the meter can not show this results. It take some time until the sugar levels will be more stable.
If your son drops in Hypo do not wast time to check his blood sugar- give him juice or glucose and act fast otherwise he risk to become unconscious !!
Help him – he is with hypo glummsy confused … he can not handle things any more properly = clownery 
Do act fast to find a proper doctor 

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