RE: Start familiarizing yourself to carbs and carb counting

Its best to establish your bolus insulin dosing after carefully calculating the carbs in the meal you have taken. As i have mentioned above 1:10 ratio for insulin dose: carbs is widely accepted. However i have seen this trend in many clients Рinsulin sensitivity is comparatively less in the morning as compared to the evening- due to which clients move from taking 1 unit insulin for 10 grams carbs in the morning to 1 unit insulin for 20 grams of carbs at night. However yours may not be the same case Рhence an ideal insulin dose will have to be worked on through individualization and adjustment  depending on your insulin resistance, muscle profile and fat %. The two most popular methods to set your ratios have been the 500 rule and weight sensitive dosing. Stay tuned until tomorrow to hear more about the same.

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