RE: Meal timings – Does it play an important role….

I find that if you eat at your usual, then you should be fine. As long as you stick to a good diet, then you will be fine.

As for myself, I don’t have set times, for instance if I eat as regular as I am told I tend to eat later when it comes to my evening meal. Most of my meals are around five, but Sunday I will have my main dinner about two with a light snack early evening.

But each person is different. I have three family members who are diabetic and they all eat at random times.

All I can say is stick to what you are comfortable with. You will also have family/friends telling you different bits of advice and telling you to eat or have you been eating well.

If you are happy with the way things are as well as your doctor/nurse then don’t worry, I was told the stress/worry can cause your diabetes to fluctuate, but not sure if it is 100% true.

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