RE: Is this normal?

Hi if you really want to know go for a “stress test” means you must drink 200 ml syrup and then your blood sugar is tested every hour for about 6-8 h– this is done with lab testing not with meter with blood taken at the doctor’s .
For Typ 1 : I was in  a pre diabetic phase during 3 years (while your beta cells still work a little before they stop completely). The treatment is very difficult during this phase.

The after meal check should be after 2 h- pulses take 4-5 h to be digested. 
The question is not eating carbs but how they are prepared (steamed/ fried….) also the combination of carbs and fat makes a big difference in digesting.
Find a diabetic doctor who knows his job. Tell him how you want to live and the treatment should follow it.
It is possible believe me I live like this since 30 years.
and main thing :  do not get depressed- my doc told me rather eat a bar of chocolate before you start to hate the word! 


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