RE: Is this normal?

I hope so Hemant

That day I ate small portion of white rice with some stew that had meat in it. That’s all I ate. I eat healthy mostly fruit and vegetables and lots of salad.

But there are times that I get tired and I want to eat little pasta or a slice of a pizza but even then I see the rise in the blood sugar. I watch what I eat and I do not eat out side or fast food,  I try to eat small portions. Even when I am out with friends I try to order healthy and small plate but even then the small portion of the food rises my blood sugar.

It tires me when I see my friends eating lots of carbs and with it drinks soda but it does not effect their after meal blood sugar as mine do. They don’t care what they put IN their body but still they are healthier then me. Once I checked one of my friend’s blood sugar after one hour lunch. I was curious to see if his blood sugar would go high after all the carbs and the soda that he drank. His sugar was 110 after an hour but I ate half of what he ate but mine was 146.

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