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Hi Preeti,

Tnx for answering me. You said you check your sugar five times aday. But you didn’t say when exactly. I mean fasting, after lunch, two hours, three hours or before bed. And five times isn’t it to much? I don’t have that many strips sad. I also wants to know if I can check blood sugar three times aday instead of five times. Can I get the average in one week if I do the three times? If yes how and will it be accurate?

I want to add this too.

Yesterday fasting was 88

One hour after lunch was 103

For dinner I had small portion of rice with stew after one hour was 134

After two hours was 131

After two and half hour was 98

This morning

Fasting was 97

Are these numbers normal?

Because when I research on line most of the article says that truly normal people blood sugar fasting should be between 70 and 90

1 hour after lunch should be less than 120 and two hours after lunch should be back to the baseline.

While mine can be 134, 139, 140 and sometime depends what on what I eat can be 160 after an hours as well.

So how could my blood sugar be normal because I’m not matching any of those articalssad

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