RE: How do I do a perfect basal setting for my pump?

The best way to set the most appropriate Basal is to put yourself on a CGMS, after a couple of days the CGMS should be stable, whilst on the CGMS do an intermittent fast for 24 hours. Choose whatever cycle that is comfortable with you. Eat breakfast and then don’t eat anything through the day and night until breakfast next day, you can drink water and also any tablets or supplements that you never skip otherwise. Check your blood sugars regularly to calibrate the CGMS. If anytime your blood sugars drop to 70mg/dl or lower, suspend the pump and wait till they regulate.

By next day morning, you will know how much your basal should be as per the total insulin (minus the bolus for breakfast) you took and adjust your basal rates and durations for most optimum performance following the pattern of your blood sugar movements on the CGMS through the 24 hours. Ask your healthcare or Doctor for assistance setting up the basal or if you have any confusions. This should now be the best basal setting for you, now even if you skipped meals you would not go in a hypo and just take the bolus necessary for whatever food you eat.

Just to ensure you got the settings right, monitor your glucose levels for a few days on the CGMS, a typical CGMS will last at least for 6 to 15 days so you have enough days to tweak it further and calibrate it with your routine and metabolism.

Your pump company you use should be able to put you on a CGMS or your Doctor can.

All the best with this, and let me know how it all works out…

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