RE: Gestational Diabetis….

Hi Sahil,

I cannot comment in detail about the situation. However I have had T2 for nearly eighteen months and in the early days took regular daily blood sugar readings and also a food diary. Overtime I learnt what affected my levels and over time they have reduced – almost back to normal.

I note from the detail you provide about diet the following may help.

a. Peanuts – I have Dry Roasted Peanuts as opposed to the salted peanuts.

b, When I was diagnosed I stopped eating potatoes completely. My regime for vegetables is that if they grow above ground I eat lots of them. Therefore no carrots, parsnips etc but broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts are fine for me.

c. I do not consume flour/wheat based items i.e. fried chicken or fish in batter.

I am currently on Metformin 2x500g daily.

The thing to realise is that we are all different but by using a food diary and regular measuring you can soon work out what items are best for an individual.

Hope this info helps and if you want any more info please let me know.

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