RE: Diabetes 2….

HI Apurva,

You do not mention how HIGH, 6.5 is from what I have learned a bit on the high side of what the medical community wants.  Used to be 5.0 but that was adjusted upwards over the last few years.

I take metformin and insulin. Insulin will make you hungry, at least it does for me.

My doctor is not interested in Januvia for some reason.

Everyone is different and what you eat has a lot to do with where you number is.

You do not mention daily testing and I would be concerned if any Dr just relied on an A1C. Those are a 3 month average and a lot can happen in 3 months.

The big D is not something I choose not to be on top of. I started with metforming 15 years ago and lasted 10 years before I had to move to insulin.  I pay attention to what I eat, and try to get exercise daily.  I suggest more communication with the doctor and see about daily testing. It is a pain, you will discover what jumps your blood sugar and you will be able to trend the numbers through time. Excel works great for me. Better than a nasty surprise in three months.

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