RE: Celiac and Diabetes ?If when someone have celiac a

I know at first it feels horriably hopeless as I have dairy sensativity and serious food allergies. I also have type 2 diabetes. Gluten free foods tend to have more fats and sugars if you use store bought and is hard to find sometimes in small towns. Oriental foods help me a lot lots of veggies a bit of brown rice or rice noodles. I also use rice or tapicoa wraps looks like paper very thin are round and hard soak in hot water. Drain and put in protien of some kind and stir fried veggies with a bit of olive oil in a skillet even could add egg. Wrap like a burrito quick to make can make a dip of soy sauce and peanutbutter to dip in. For cheap protien and quick fix and cheap. It is just cutting down on amount of carbs not cutting out. I use tapicoa or corn starch for gravey because I am allergic to wheat hence rice noodles. But it is making sure you have protiens with the little bit of starches and getting your fruits and veggies I am allowed five servings together that is not as much as it sounds because if cooked is only 1/2 cup or 1raw use a measuring cup because if not use to it you could be shorting yourself BUT cherries and grapes is only 15 per serving. Can use all fruit jam. Give yourself a few months it will get easier I drink soy or almond milk. I do eat chocolate but not alot at a time I eat dark and only maybe two squares. I use fruit in salad instead of dressing sometimes mash and mix with a bit of water even a bit of applesauce is good.Oh buckwheat flour has a better flavor tha bland rice flour.

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