Red Pepper Protein Wraps

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Red Pepper Protein Wraps2


Psyllium Husks 1/8 Cup <30 Very Low
Gram Flour ½ Cup <50 Low
Egg 1 0 Nil
Red Pepper ¾ Cup 0 Nil
Coconut Oil or Groundnut Oil 1 Tsp 0 Nil

Note: All ingredients used should be organic, free from pesticides and Non-GMO.

Add spices and salt to match your taste.


  • Blend everything together. Then, heat up a nonstick pan with some coconut oil.
  • When it gets sizzling hot, spoon your mix in the center of the pan and, with a spoon, spread it around as it cooks. Lower the heat to medium.
  • When its golden brown, flip to the other side and let it cook.
  • Add your favorite filling- either meat shreds or a dry mushroom preparation to enjoy your healthy version of wraps.

Macros/per serving:

Energy (Kcal) Protein (Gms) Carbohydrates (Gms) Fats (Gms)
80 8 13 41

Nutritional Comments:

If you are at work and mid meal cravings are driving you insane- Opt for this one- it’s filling yet clean. This exactly gives you what your body needs at 4:00 pm- good carbs, protein and fibre. These 3 will make you feel alert, rather than giving you the sluggish, post lunch feeling. Spice these up with tasty fillings and enjoy your day with a macro balanced snack.

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