My friend always by my side: Type 1 Diabetes

WhatsApp Image 2016-10-14 at 6.19.56 PMA to-be 6 year old girl to mother, ‘Mom, whats type 1 diabetes? Why do I have it? People say its a bad, dangerous thing that I have for life time ? I am scared, does it make me weak? Why did God give me problems when I am still small? Is this punishment to me for doing any bad things? What was my mistake?’

Mother “Dear, God made some special children with strong mental capabilities. They are so strong, determined and understanding that, in a small age, they can take care of a disabled friend, along with taking care of themselves. So, God decided to give them that friend, who needs help because its quite unstable. You are one of those special children. That friend stays within you everytime, for life time.

250px-KoosjerkThat friend is called type 1 diabetis. Poor thing, just like a baby, it can’t take care of its own, it needs your support for life time, to stay calm and controlled. It goes out of limits several times a day! If you take good care of it like having proper food, exercise and insulin, it stays calm and allows you to be physically strong. The thousands of needle pricks, strip tests, continuos monitoring, the continuos insulin drip attached to your body, depressing calculations of how much to eat, what to eat, when to eat, the draining high and low sugars and controlling the taste buds when others are enjoying in front of you may be extremely painful, but friends do share pain. Won’t you? If you try to ignore your much dependent friend, it becomes sad, repulsive and dangerous. Then both you and your friend will be unhappy. Its not your limitation but it can help you to rewrite your limits and break your own records! Age and will power are not related. It doesnt matter, how small is your age, how small and weak you may appear physically.

WhatsApp Image 2016-10-14 at 6.19.53 PMIts the friend that gives you numerous challenges, just to motivate you to grow stronger. It makes you calculated and health conscious. You will learn to be quick and meticulous. If it is slowing you down, physically and/or mentally, that means it needs proper control. It means you need to learn more. Read yourself. Learn the control methods! Read, note down things about it. Diabetis is your mentor and it inspires you to learn more.Take support of the technology. We are always in your support.

Type 1 diabetis is as a result of a small confusion in your body. The immunity system attacked and destroyed good insulin producing cells in your pancreas by mistake, suddenly, for unknown reasons. You can learn from this. Never be angry and frustrated. Think positively, know facts, know your friends, understand the love and concern of your parents and friends. Never allow temporary things to make permanent scars. Otherwise you may end up loosing them.

In future, if there is an advanced technology that can take complete care of your friend, without your interference, you can bid farewell to it. Till then, God gave this responsibility to you. Always, special responsibilities are given to worthy people, who can handle it! God doesn’t sit there in heaven to write mistake-Punishment records!! But beleive, He has the list of strong people, for sure. God gives you a coping mechanism, dont worry!

So, don’t hide your friend. Be proud to tell the world that you and your friend are fighting together to be stable, just for your well being. Tell the world that though you met this friend on a bad day by accident, its not because you did bad things, but because it needed support from someone as able as you. Tell everyone that it is not your foe, but a friend that also needs everyone’s support. Educate people around you because you look so normal outside that no one can imagine the serious battle you and your friend are fighting inside. No one knows that a timely little glucose, water and care can save your friend recover when in critical stage. If someone makes fun of you and your friend, they are pointing out their problem, not yours!! No one can say you will have broken wings when you are still in your cocoon waiting to become a butterly! For others, God colours their wings, but in your case, you will have to do it on your own! Colour the wings!! You have millions of combinations!!! Keep smiling!!!!

There are millions of awesome children like you, a few of them grew very successful in their lives. Few of them are doing adventurous things that people without this friend can’t even imagine of doing. They leant to control it, with experience and they have the courage to make good big changes in their lives. Look for them, they are your role models and you should become one.’

Now along with celebrating your birthday, you have something special to celebrate in your life. The friendship anniversary! That shows, as a person you are growing stronger and wiser, year by year.

This understanding of type 1 diabetis may sound silly when you grow up, but still read it whenever you are low, may be it will refresh you.

Let knowledge and will-power win, not depression.

Always proud of you!!

Your life will be as colourful as your drawings!

Mom and dad. ”

Celebrating the strength of the little girl, who met this ‘friend’ exactly an year ago. Coming soon, 16 oct 2015.

Children look at things the way parents look at it. Change the perspective to positive. It helps them!

More strength to all the type 1 warriors, who are not fighting it, but fighting along with it!!

—One of the mothers of type 1, who decided to be strong and wants to pass on the strength to the little girl.

Sirisha Sudarshan Mantha

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  • MuslimKapasi October 16, 2016
    Dear Sirisha, This is so beautifully written and has so many social stigma busting messages whilst motivating and uplifting children with T1D who would otherwise struggle to accept or find peace with themselves.. I think this is a fantastic example for parents- take a bow! It is fantastic to have people like yourself on this forum & community that both positively accepts & laughs in the face of SugarKiBimari, those who aren't ashamed of anything and have nothing to hide.. please keep writing and inspiring us all. Thanks and regards, Muslim Kapasi


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