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CGM Vs. FGM Vs. Fingerstick

If you are wondering what these abbreviations are, allow me. I am here comparing three blood glucose-monitoring systems; this is my take on the ones currently available in India and by no means is influenced or biased since I paid for all of them myself from my own hard earned money. 😉 Besides, I also […] Read more  

Ramadan and Type 1 Diabetes

More caution and perhaps more restraint are necessary in breaking a fast than in keeping it. ~Mahatma Gandhi You know what, I fasted (followed Rozas) for all 30 consecutive days during Ramadan last year! You may wonder why I’m bragging about it especially when millions of people around the world do it. But as a […] Read more  

Diabetes Mellitus: Busting Myths through Mythology

Of the two deities, Ganesha and Shiva, who do you think has diabetes? Hazard a guess! Mythology suggests that Ganesha developed diabetes but was cured by a drug or treatment administered by Shiva appropriately named Shiv Gutika. If you search for Shiv Gutika on the interweb today you’ll run into generic and rather unfantastic suggestions […] Read more