Durriya Gabajiwala
@durriyag joined May 23, 2017

For me, food has always been about taste and texture and very little about what went into it. Like many others, I believed that an indulgent food could never coincide with great health, hence the guilt trip I guess. I have always been a prey to stubborn body fat, a horde of allergens and not to forget the almighty sugar! In order to have my taste and texture in place but with some nutritional benefits, I decided to explore.

As a home cook, my challenge was to create multiple dishes with the same set of ingredients. By just making a few changes in the techniques I got myself a repertoire of different varieties! Yes, it is gluten free, it is naturally sweetened and completely clean! Through this platform I would love to illustrate how wonderfully we can create versatility in our dishes with just a few and similar ingredients. Enjoy!

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