Kit Kat Bars

 veg non-veg Gluten Free | Naturally Sweetened | Low GI 



1 Cup Unsweetened (Gluten-Free) Granola
2 Cups Melted 70% Dark Chocolate

For The Chocolatey Inside:

1 Cup Cashew Nuts
¼ Cup Raw Cocoa Powder
1 Tsp Vanilla Essence
2 Tsp Organic Honey OR 2 ½ Tsp Coconut Sugar OR 1/8 Tsp Liquid Stevia
2 Tbsp Melted Coconut Oil OR Natural (Non-Refined) Oils
¾ Cup Water

(Note: Liquid Stevia has an after taste if added too much in quantity)
Note: All ingredients used should be organic, free from pesticides and Non-GMO.


1. To make the Chocolatey Inside layer: Place all of the Chocolatey Inside ingredients into a blender on a high speed for 3 to 5 mins until its smooth and fluffy and place in the fridge. (Add more coconut sugar or raw organic honey or liquid stevia, if required, till sweetness is achieved).

2. While the mixture cools in the fridge take an 8×8 pan and line it with a parchment paper. Coat the pan with a thin layer of melted dark chocolate followed by the granola.

3. Remove the Chocolatey Inside Mixture from the fridge and gently coat it over the granola with the back of the spoon.

4. Place the pan in the freezer and freeze it for 20 minutes.

5. After 20 minutes coat the bar with another layer of granola evenly. Then coat the last layer for the bar with a thin layer of melted dark chocolate and place in the freezer till adequately hardened.

6. Cut into the slab to make bars and freeze again for 20 to 30 mins. (Note: If it melts at any point put it into the freezer again till hardened).

7. Dip the sides of the bars into the remaining melted dark chocolate and set it on the parchment paper. Freeze again until set. Indulge into the your very own handcrafted Kit Kat Bars!

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