Diabetes and Game of Thrones- An Analogy, Maybe!?

Game of thrones

 I have always been a Game Of Thrones fanatic. Like many others, I enjoy it and have my own set of favorite characters. Those who know nothing (sorry couldn’t help it), Game Of Thrones (GOT) is a series based on a set of books authored by George R.R. Martin. Unlike Harry Potter, this set of books turned into a TV series rather than movies and honestly, I enjoy it more than Harry Potter. The 7th season is around the corner and I’m eagerly waiting!

GOT is exciting and worth a watch and/or a read because the story as well as most of its plots are inspired by real historical events. A lot of it is based on real life instances and has a fair share of poetic/symbolic references.


The White Walkers – an army of the dead, is the core of this story. The series begins with a White Walker scene. As the 6th season ended I could not help but find an uncanny connection between the origin of the White Walkers and Type 1 Diabetes. Not the people with the condition, but the condition itself.

So here is my analogy-

The Children (magical creatures that existed before men) created the White Walkers by resurrecting the dead. Why did they do this? – To protect themselves from the living!


Now these dead men or the White Walkers are threatening the realm of men and the Children. And what’s worse, they both can’t destroy the White Walkers.

Keeping the story in mind, the men or humans can represent the beta cells in our pancreas. The Children can represent the body’s immune system and the White Walkers can represent the force of the immune system that kills the beta cells. The immune system (The Children) mistakenly thinks that the beta cells (Men or Humans) are harmful, hence creates a force (The White Walkers) that kills these beta cells, and once that is done the immune system has no plausible way to stop it. This is exactly what happens in Type 1 Diabetes!

Type 1 diabetes

Keeping GOT going in you. You are their realm that both the immune system and the beta cells must fight to protect.

However, I must also point out- type 2 diabetes is nothing like this and is a chronic illness caused by an unhealthy diet and a callous lifestyle. Unfortunately, many of us are on the same path that leads to type 2 diabetes.

House Lanister

Nonetheless, type 2 diabetes can also find a resemblance in GOT. The Lannisters, particularly Cerci Lannister, could be a good example!

cersei lannister game of thrones

Loads and loads of jealousy and greed got her doing crazy and brutal things. Her love for her twin Jamie made things worse. And once on the path of self worship, revenge and envy she ended up beheading the wrong people, lost control of her tyrant son, made an enemy out of her brother Tyrion who could have helped her and eventually saw all her children get murdered one after the other. In fact, one of her sons committed suicide- a direct consequence of her actions.



The reference to type 2 diabetes is simple here. You are not born with it, you grow it in you. When you let the good meals slip by and consume all that’s wrong, avoid being active and laze around, your own- your body turns against you. That’s what happens in Type 2 Diabetes. Your cells become resistant to insulin and you won’t be able to live your life by the junk again.

So GOT can be referred and interpreted to understand diabetes as well for all those who can relate with it more easily this way. Just for the record, my favorite characters are Jon Snow, Sam Tarly, Eddard Stark, Tyrion Lanister, Tywin Lanister and Arya Stark. Waiting for Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark to appear next!

Let me know your take on my interpretation. I’d love to hear it.

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