Cabbalicious Chicken

non-veg non-veg Gluten Free | Low GI Low Carb | Grain Free 

Serves 2

Cabbalicious Chicken

Cabbage 200g, shredded finely <10 Negligible
Chicken 200g, boneless 0 Nil
Fresh Ginger Garlic Paste 1 Tsp. <20 Very Low
Curry Leaves 3-4 stalks <10 Negligible
Mustard Seeds 1 Tbsp. <35 Vey Low
Turmeric Powder 1 Tsp. <10 Negligible
Green Chilies 1 to 2 in number, sliced <20 Very Low
Coriander 2-3 Tbsp., chopped <10 Negligible
Olive Oil / Coconut Oil 3 Tsp. 0 Nil
Lime ½ in number <10 Negligible
Salt (Pink and Regular) 1:1 ratio as per taste 0 Nil

Note: All ingredients used should be organic, free from pesticides and Non-GMO.


  • Wash and clean the boneless chicken and cube it. Marinate the chicken cubes with ginger garlic paste.
  • Heat oil in a pan and splutter mustard seeds, add the curry leaves and green chilies and sauté the mixture for a bit.
  • Add the chicken cubes and stir for a few seconds while adding the chicken cubes to the pan.
  • When the chicken is half cooked, add shredded cabbage, turmeric powder and salt to it and stir.
  • Cover the pan and cook on a high flame to dry off a little bit of the water in the pan.
  • Cook cabbage till just firm to bite.
  • Serve garnished with coriander leaves and a dash of lime.


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