Burger and Chips

non-veg non-veg Gluten Free| Low GI|Low Carb

For the Burger Buns
Cauliflower 1 head of cauliflower, cut into small florets to make cauliflower rice – up to 3 Cups <10 Negligible
Eggs 1 0 Nil
Fresh Mozzarella Cheese ½ Cup 0 Nil
Salt & Pepper ½ Tsp. and ¼ Tsp. 0 Nil
Sesame Seeds 1-2 Tbsp. or as required 0 Nil
For the Patty & Toppings
Paneer 450g 0 Nil
Egg White 1 0 Nil
Favorite herb 1 Tbsp <10 Negligible
Buckwheat Bread Crumbs ¼ Cup <50 Low
Salt & Pepper ¼ Tsp. each 0 Nil
Flaxseeds 4 Tbsp., ground <50 Low
Burger Toppings – Tomatoes, Lettuce, Onion, Fresh Cheese. As per taste preferences <50 Low
Baked Chips
Sweet Potatoes 250g <50 Low
Butter 1 ¼ Tbsp. 0 Nil
Sesame or Groundnut Oil 1 ¼ Tbsp. 0 Nil
Salt & Pepper 1 Tsp. or as per taste 0 Nil

Note: All ingredients used should be organic, free from pesticides and Non-GMO.


For the Buns

  • Preheat oven to 220°C and grease a baking sheet. Keep aside.
  • Put the cauliflower florets in the food processor and pulverize to form cauliflower rice (around 3 cups)
  • Cook the cauliflower rice by transferring it into a microwave on high for 8-9 minutes.
  • To squeeze out all the moisture, place the rice in a kitchen cloth and remove up to 1 cup of liquid. The cauliflower rice has to be dry to make the buns.
  • Now in a mixing bowl, add egg, mozzarella, salt, pepper and the rice. Mix well.
  • Spread the mixture onto the baking sheet and form 4 rounds. Add the sesame seeds on top.
  • Place in the oven and bake for about 15 minutes until it turns golden.
  • Untouched, let it cool outside for 10 minutes and then take it off very carefully.

For the Patty

  • In a grinder pulse the paneer to make a crumble.
  • In a medium bowl beat the egg white. Stir in buckwheat crumbs, herbs, salt and pepper. Add the paneer; stir gently to combine. Shape mixture into 1/2-inch-thick patties, using damp hands if necessary. (Add veggies like carrots, peas, french beans, etc if desired).
  • In a dish prepare the ground flaxseeds. Dip the patties into flaxseed mixture, turning to coat evenly.
  • In a frying pan, add some non-refined oil and cook the patties over medium heat for 10-15 mins till cooked as desired.
  • Assemble your choice of healthy toppings as mentioned.
  • Now, assemble the burger buns and add the patties as well as the toppings.

For the Baked Chips

  • Wash and clean the sweet potatoes. Slice them and soak them in salted water, while you slice.
  • Drain water, remove excess water from the chips with help of a clean towel.
  • Melt the butter and oil. Pour over the chips mixing it well to coat.
  • Bake them in a heated oven at 150/200 °c till golden.
  • If you want it crunchy slice the potatoes very thin. Thinner they are crunchy they will be.
  • Coat it with your favourite seasonings.

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