Beetroot Sabzi

Message from the author: Riddhi Ghoghari Furia

Love to live life and celebrate each day like it was my first. I am Riddhi Furia, known as an explorer of things new and different. Being a mother of a 5 year old hunk and married for 10 years, I couldn’t have been any happier and guess what I am a Type 1 Diabetic since 24 years. This has never pulled me down but help me bring out the best in me. Besides being successful in exhibiting beautiful hand-bags and kurtis, I also took my chance at making premium healthy chocolates. Have I mentioned cooking is my passion? The foodie in me has always compelled me to take up creating delicious and healthy dishes. You name it and I can make it. Right from Punjabi to South Indian and Chinese to Italian, I believe I can curate the healthiest recipes and would love to share them all with you. Stay tuned for more and let me know what you think!

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beetroot sabzi

Beets 4 in number, chopped in small squares
Curry Leaves 2-3 in number
Green Chili 1 medium sized
Onions 2 in number, chopped
Coconut ½ cup, crushed
Salt As per taste
Mustard Seeds ¼ tsp
Coconut Oil (or any other non-refined oils) 2 tsp

Note: Opt for organic ingredients, free from pesticides and Non-GMO.


  • Heat the oil and add the mustard seeds, curry leaves and green chili (add more chilies if you like your veggies spicy).
  • Add the onions and let it fry till its light brown but not completely brown.
  • Once the onions have a slight brown colour add the beets and salt.
  • Cover the vessel and let the beets cook on a slow flame.
  • After the beets are cooked add the crushed coconut.
  • Ready to serve, Enjoy!

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